Saturday, 1 December 2012

Everything needs to change...

I'm not upset today. I'm just full of rage with an overwhelming desire to punch anyone from our board or a player, preferably Gervinho. In case you don't know, the famous old Arsenal FC lost 2-0 at home against Swansea City. We got dominated by a team who, just over 10 years ago, narrowly avoided relegation from the Football League. I'm not disrespecting the Swans who have been brilliant in their first two seasons in the Premier League and were rightly applauded off the pitch by the home support. Michael Laudrup's side definitely deserve the plaudits but Arsenal were abysmal and today is yet another dark day to be a fan. It is further evidence that the club I love is in dire straights.

Drastic changes need to be made and fast. I’m not talking about merely sacking Arsene Wenger and things will improve because that won’t be the case.  Arsenal need to make wholesale changes. First and foremost, the Board needs a shake-up. People have unrealistic dreams of Pep Guardiola or Jose Mourinho. They won’t come because they know that there hands will be tied behind their back. Nothing will change until the top is sorted and then you can work down with the coaching team but most importantly the players. Walcott has gone but Oxlade-Chamberlain, Wilshere, Jenkinson and Gibbs can stay. The rest (sorry Per and Olivier) can leave. That’s what is needed. I don’t care if Jenkinson is not amazing. I just want passion.

I missed it (went to the wrong place) but I heard the Black Scarf Movement march was a success although nothing will happen as a result. All I can say is I hope the players and board alike are enjoying the pain they’re causing me.

Sorry if you have no interest in football whatsoever but it’s either me ranting on here or me head butting the wall.

I’m so glad the doctor gave me the all clear to drink alcohol…

Bye for now!

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