Saturday, 24 November 2012

In the away end (sort of)

I absolutely love going to away matches and, although our performance was again abject to say the least today, that is why I’ll be up in Everton to support the boys on Wednesday night. But, I do have one grievance with certain stadiums and where they put the visiting wheelchair users.

Just because someone is disabled does not mean they have no emotions. Now, I haven’t been to all the away grounds but this seems to be the thought process at Liverpool, West Ham and today at Aston Villa. There are many reasons why I think this is out of order and clubs should think about re-locating the travelling support.

Firstly, it means that you have to stay quiet and if you don’t (like me today), you look like a mental person which attracts a few looks. Secondly, you feel vulnerable to attack. Not being melodramatic but at West Ham in particular, I was celebrating a goal in my usual intense manner and I thought things were going to kick-off. I wasn’t intentionally goading the fans but all I’m saying is if the away fans were in with me at the Emirates, I’d get annoyed (Barcelona a few years ago). Thirdly, you feel isolated and cut-off from your ‘family’ of fellow Gooners. It’s like modern day segregation and I’m not standing for it (literally).

So, I want clubs to take heed and put us disabled lot in the away end. I want to be thanked by players (even if it is a few claps above the head) and not sat on the other side of the stadium.

Rant over but I need to vent that one. Blame Gervinho!!!

Bye for now!

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