Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Guess who?

I'm back... and this time for good. I'll post on heree every evening unless there's a real emergency so please pester me if I forget. The same applies to Twitter. I've neglected my account and regret that I have been out of contact with people. I want to show the world why I was voted Twitter king at Sandringham leavers 2012. Sally Hitchiner gave an insightful lecture yesterday and told us young journalists that we need to keep up our online profile and get our name out there.

It got me thinking about my image and how people percieve me (to be honest, I think about that quite a lot). But this time, I was thinking about how to sell myself. Sally said about picking a memorable part of your make-up to get yourself noticed. Obviously, disabled people are in the minority so being a Wheelchair Boy is quite unique, especially in the media.

What also has become clear to me is the importance of personality. My passion is the Arsenal and I should make that clear by embracing GOONERGLEN as a tag. I'm not going to be a boring, impartial journalist. I have views on a whole variety of issues including football and I'm not afraid to share them.

I am a staunch atheist but I should take what I was born with and turn it into an advantage. Who knows, my disability may help me on my future career path.

Bye for now!

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