Thursday, 15 November 2012

Living it up...

Like the majority of the student population, I enjoy partying hard at a nightclub. I don’t mind where really, even the dive they call Batchwood Hall, because I know I’ll enjoy myself. But my favourite haunt at the moment is not Locos or Academy on campus (as handy as that is), Liquid in Uxbridge is where the good times (and loose women) are at. I feel on top of the world in there. Not really. Just wanted to make the point that I have to use three lifts to get to the dance floor.  They’re slow which makes me feel awkward as I have to sit there, smiling at people on the stairs. Also, the machines are pretty temperamental and I worry if it breaks, I’ll be stuck. Now, that would be embarrassing.

Anyway, back to the clubbing and sorry, but some girls need to sort their life out. I sound like a grumpy old man and it’s probably because I’m alone but bouncers should clamp down on heavy petting. Last night, I am sure I witnessed a conception. You get the picture. While I’m on the matter. I saw one girl snog five different men (not that I counted).Have you no respect for your own body? I don’t want to sound judgemental because I have no problems with one night stands. But just with one partner and preferably in a private setting.

Another grievance of mine is that it shocks people that disabled people are up for a laugh and know how to have fun. If I had a fiver for every person that has called me a “top lad” or high fived me in a club, I’d be a rich man. Or people who walk into my chair and then end up shaking my hand or hugging me. You’re the one with a broken toe so I’m not bothered that you didn’t notice me. Lastly, I’m not a dog and won’t perform wheelies on command. Wheelchairs aren’t fun unless you can get out of it.

Apart from that, I have a great time. Honestly.

Bye for now!

p.s. I voted today, did you? (question only applies to Brits)

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