Friday, 9 November 2012

A night to remember...

I am so glad that this week is over. I am knackered and surprisingly, it weren’t because of the workload or socialising in the evening. It’s all because, for reasons unknown to me, I decided to go watch the US Presidential election results with the rest of the Brunel Union Politics Society. I’m not American so people may wonder why I was so interested but I realise that everything that happens across the pond has a direct affect on Britain. Also, I’m a huge fan of Obama and sort of love the man. His speeches completely capture me and I’m under his spell. It wouldn’t matter to me if he killed people (some would argue he has with the Drones but that is a separate debate). The point is his speeches are so powerful that Romney had no chance.

So, at midnight when the first polls were closing, why did I begin to worry that Obama was losing. I was anxious as Mitt Romney epitomized nearly half of the electorate: Idiots. I was beginning to think Obama’s time in office was up and the end of the world was nigh but the other clever Americans came forward to vote Democrat. The 4am set of results were heavily in favour of the incumbent President and made his stay in the White House inevitable. I stayed until 4.30 and cheered when the news was finally confirmed.

It really was exciting and felt like a football match. CNN had the whole night well covered and flashed up results from different states to see who would reach 270 first. There was booing, cheering, clapping and even chanting to build an atmosphere. I don’t think anyone was supporting Romney or if they did, they wisely stayed quiet. I only wish UK politics was more of a spectacle and people were as enthused.

Just to note, Brunel Backed Barack and he won so I’m contemplating creating a society to back the Arsenal.

Bye for now!

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