Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Getting into the festive spirit...

I love this time of the year. I know it’s not even December yet so I can’t decorate my room but after Bonfire night, what else have we to get us through the freezing cold winter period? I’m an atheist (hope I haven’t shocked anyone with that revelation) so the festival isn’t significant for me and I’m no longer a child (although some people think I am) so the presents aren’t everything to me. But, what I like is the whole feeling you get from being around family and friends at this time of the year.

Regarding presents, obviously I’d like some (lots) but who wouldn’t? All I’m trying to say is that they are not the sole part of my celebrations anymore. To tell the truth, I enjoy buying gifts just as much as I do receiving them. I get taken in by all the colourful advertisements and the buzz around the busy shoppers. And without sounding like Jimmy Savile (excuse the dark humour), it’s great to see children full of joy.

So, forgive my Christmassy tweets and Facebook statuses from now until next year. It’s not only the 25th that is the key date but also the birthday of the true saviour on the 30th (19 this year!?) before it’s time for a new year. That’s if the world doesn’t end on the 21st

By the way, yes, I have been playing my two Glee Christmas Albums loudly and proudly. I’m not ashamed. I was born this way!

Bye for now!

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