Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The camera loves me darling...

Thank you Applause Store for another great evening watching a TV show being recorded for FREE.  Last night was the Matt Lucas award that, for anyone who didn’t see Series 1 earlier this year, is sort of like Room 101 where celebrities nominate an award under each category. Matt Lucas is a fellow Arsenal fan so obviously he is a legend. The three guests were Jason Byrne, Shappi Khorsandi and Richard Bacon, which only added to the comedy. There were also a few Apprentice rejects including my personal hero Stuart ‘The Brand’ Baggs.

This was not my first time inside the BBC studios at Elstree and I don’t want it to be my last so I won’t say anything to give away what happens. All I’ll say is we were right in the sofas in the third row (a perk of being a Wheelchair Boy) so you may see us on your TV soon. But I thought that when we went to see A League Of Their Own but on both occasions, the camera missed us.  Probably, it’s because my beauty is too much and ordinary TV’s cannot cope.

I did think to myself last night “I could get used to this lifestyle” as the crew rushed around to make sure everything ran smoothly. I realise the media industry is very stressful and time consuming but this is what excites me. I don’t want a boring office job. I like to be kept busy. That’s why the News Writing bit of my course is my favourite. I do my best work under pressure to a deadline.

Speaking of deadlines, I’ve got an article to write for Le Nurb.

Bye for now!

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