Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Good luck...

I’m starting my blog with yet another apology. This time I’m sorry for leaving it so late to post. I’ve been busy all evening sending off my CV and letters in the search of some work experience. Also, my flatmates have been distracting me with nostalgic conversations about EastEnders which brought up interesting topics to say the least.

Basically, the reason I haven’t skipped tonight’s post is because I want to wish my fellow students the best tomorrow when they go to the NUS led #Demo outside parliament. I definitely will be there in spirit but can’t make it, partly because I’d have to get up early, partly because I’d miss a lecture but mainly because I’m going to Arsenal tomorrow night. I fully back the march. Just because the government have already imposed the fees doesn’t mean young people should stop complaining and accept them. It’s a democratic right to protest and speak out for what you believe in. That is why if you are going tomorrow, I commend you for not letting your voice be suppressed.

In other news, my dad had Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson in the back of his taxi today and, after speaking to my dad, she wants to meet me.  So, the future looks very bright indeed. This Wheelchair Boy has so many more adventures on the way.

Bye for now!

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