Saturday, 10 November 2012

Why do I do it?

I ask myself this quite regularly after going to watch an Arsenal match and today was no different. But this time I have reached breaking point (hence this angry blog) and the blinkers have finally come off. For years, I have been able to convince myself that the euphoric feeling I felt after winning the league unbeaten in 2004 would return and any temporary heartache would be worth it. 8 years on and my memory is fuzzy. I can’t remember the pure ecstasy when you win silverware. There are periods of incredible highs but they are short-lived.

Self inflicted pain has to be the worst. Most of you will say the simple answer is to stop going to matches week in, week out. Technically, you’re right. It’s only a game and isn’t worth the stress. However, I have come up with an analogy to illustrate why this is not possible. Football is a drug. You pick a favourite and become addicted from an early age. I, like many other true Arsenal supporters, am a junkie who keeps going back for the next hit. And here’s where Arsenal Football Club come into the equation. They are the dealers exploiting the users. They know that the passion is deep inside and people will always return. No matter how poor the results and performances get, they are guaranteed supporters.

The board will never read this blog and will continue to ignore the fans. For them, it’s all about the money and on more than one occasion, I have defended this policy. But enough’s enough. The club has deep rooted problems and I have been in denial for too long.

Yes, I will be going to the North London Derby next week and Aston Villa away the week after but as I have established, it is not out of choice. I just physically cannot stay away. I will continue to support the players and the boss but I want to declare a war against the hierarchy until there is a real change…

Where Has Our Arsenal Gone?

Bye for now!

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