Thursday, 28 February 2013

Stay in control please...

Today’s post is pretty ranty (more so than usual) but the subject is something that has slightly annoyed me the last few times I’ve been out.

I’m not having a dig at dog owners because most are fine but some just need to tighten the leash and take control so that it does not run riot. The reason I’m saying this is not because I dislike dogs (although I have a slight phobia) but the amount of times I’ve been out in my electric wheelchair and nearly run one over is unreal. Not on purpose, obviously. I’m not a psycho although a vegetarian might say that I am.  But seriously, there have been times when I’m rolling along, minding my own business and then, out of nowhere, a dog runs in front of me forcing me to brake abruptly.

I’m not saying that dogs should be kept on a lead all the time but let them loose in open areas like the park. Not so they get in the way. It’s just common sense. They don’t realise the dangers of running in front of a wheelchair so owners need to take responsibility. I mean, you wouldn’t let your children run around and get in the way. Oh no…people do that a lot.

Sorry if it sounds harsh but parents need to take charge, not just because I have to dodge them but more importantly, for safety. I’ll get all the blame if a child is hurt but, like I said about dog owners, it’s ultimately the parent’s job to look after the little ones. Another problem I have with kids being free to roam is there are so many weird people out there. We’ve all seen the news. I’d suggest a dog lead for toddlers. I’ve seen it on the T.V. and it’s actually quite effective at keeping parents in control.

I’m not being horrible nor am I dictating to parents/dog owners. It’s just something for people to think about.

Bye for now!

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