Monday, 18 February 2013

Just call me Rocky...

As you all are aware if you’ve read my previous blog posts, I’m trying to build my upper body so that I can be independent when using a manual wheelchair and push myself. I started off with some weight work but then I thought practice makes perfect so I should push myself further than just inside the house. So, I started by going around the block, which is pretty flat. Then, I challenged myself a few times by going down (easy) and back up my street (testing). Today, I combined both by going around to Waitrose and back. It’s not a` huge distance but believe me, to an unfit, disabled Wheelchair Boy pushing himself (and I’m not light, my Harlem Shake proves that), it is like a marathon.

I am quite proud because it is by no means simple. Not only am I weak because of my condition, there is also other problems that conspire against me. Firstly, like I’ve said before, the pavements are awful. It’s like an added obstacle course, what with the potholes I’m forced to manoeuvre and uneven ground I have to go over.

Secondly, my wheelchair is from the NHS so is obviously not the best. My fingers are always getting caught and it tends to veer off to one side, which adds to the difficulty. It is just not designed properly. I could do with a lightweight chair but I’m not sure where from.

About 5 years ago, the charity Whizz Kidz bought me an electric wheelchair because the NHS refused me one. This completely transformed my life by making me more independent. However, I’m 19 and no longer fit in the criteria of charities like this. I can’t afford one because a light, easy to use manual that is designed to fit my purpose would be highly expensive (talking £1000’s) and I would need assistance.

I don’t know where to turn (no pun intended).

I’m still a long way off flexing my biceps but I’ve just had a protein shake so I’ll keep you updated.

Bye for now!

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