Monday, 25 February 2013

They listened... AGAIN

You’re not going to believe this but the council have took notice of me for a second time which sorts of helps put my faith back in the political system.

The story begins last May in the run-up to the local council elections. It was special to me because I was 18 in December so I was losing my voting virginity. I was excited to have my say even though people said my single vote wouldn’t make a difference. It probably didn’t but to me, it was important and I didn’t want to waste it. However, I didn’t want to vote for my favourite colour or some other trivial reason like their name. They had to be interested or doing something that affected Wheelchair Boy. I was content to research them online and then decide but my Dad insisted I should talk to them about my concerns in the local area.

It’s no secret that back in 2010 prior to the General Election, although I couldn’t vote, I was supporting the Lib Dem’s and thought that Nick Clegg should be PM. When the promises were broke and I was left with egg on my face (John Prescott style), I vowed to never vote Lib Dem but like them, this didn’t last. I’ll never forgive them but the main reason I put a cross in their box was because they were the only party who were interested in securing my vote. Labour or the Tories didn’t bother to come around my house and listen

Fred Wartenburg and Martin Frearson even took the time to walk with me so I could show them a particular path near my house, which is in awful order. You could argue that is the least that councillors should be doing but they were the only one’s who earned my vote. The answer regarding the state of the pavements was pretty standard. The budget for the year had already been allocated to projects such as the now infamous cycling path in the park. They said it was unlikely the potholes would be filled because of the cost. But, I expected it and at least they gave me an answer that let down gently.

So, I voted and then thought nothing about the pavement. Until a few weeks ago when my neighbour told me they were doing some work on it. I went around to inspect the surface. I mean it’s still not the best but the worst part has been tarmacked over and another section has been chalked out which means that should be sorted out soon. They’ve also closed off another stretch of pavement around the corner to fix. Slowly but surely, the paths in my area are getting smoother, which makes it a little bit easier to push my wheelchair.

Time to go around the block and try my new Michael Jackson gloves.

Bye for now!

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