Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I'm a big kid...

After watching the BAFTA’s last Sunday, I’ve wanted to go to the cinema but haven’t been able to fit it into my schedule (yes, I have one). There are loads of films I was ready to pick from but turns out; there was actually little choice for the time I wanted. It was either some Twilight looking movie, a psychological thriller or a classic Disney film. I weren’t in the mood for anything deep or scary so I chose the light-hearted option.

I thought Wreck-it Ralph would be OK, nothing special but how wrong I was- it was brilliant. I won’t do a traditional review because I get so annoyed when they give the plot away. All I’ll say is obviously, it’s perfect for children but for me, as an adult, my imagination was running wild and it brought back memories of the hours I spent in arcades when I was little. I felt all-warm inside (sounds cheesy) and I’d highly recommend it.

Even if you have no kids to take, just go. I don’t have any. I know I’ve said nothing whatsoever about the plot, but hopefully my description of how I felt tantalises you.

Have a good time regressing back to your childhood. Can’t beat nostalgia.

Bye for now!

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