Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Think and drive...

Now, you’ve all seen the T.V. advert where the car is pulling out of a junction, the driver doesn’t notice the motorbike and an accident happens.  The campaign is aimed at increasing awareness when it comes to motorcyclists on the road. Granted, this is common cause of RTA’s (too much Casualty) and drivers need to know to look out but another thing that people don’t think of or care about is, you’ve guessed it… wheelchair users.

There has been loads of times in my life alone where drivers seem to blissfully ignorant that disabled people exist and don’t even pay attention if I get visibility angry. So, I’ll share a few things and if you drive, hopefully you’ll begin to think differently.

Firstly, believe it or not, when Traffic Wardens give you a ticket for parking across a dropped kerb, they are not being pedantic but merely enforcing a necessary rule otherwise how can I cross a road? My second point is similar but involves traffic light crossings. If there is traffic building up and the lights are about to change to red, don’t continue regardless and end up blocking me. Just stay behind the white markings (as you’re supposed to) which leaves plenty of room for pedestrians to cross, including a Wheelchair Boy,

Another thing to take into consideration is parking. Please leave space so the boot can be opened and I can be unloaded (I sound like a dishwasher). Your comeback may be “how do I know if it’s a wheelchair accessible car?” There’s two major giveaways. 1) the cars that have ramps in are normally big (our’s is like the A- Team van) and 2) there is a sign in the rear window telling you. It’s not huge but if you can’t see it, perhaps you shouldn’t be driving. Also, if there was a sign saying ‘ No parking or you’ll get clamped’, you’d soon take notice.

Hopefully, when you next park up behind a car, you’ll look for a sticker and make sure you’re not parked across a dropped kerb. Not only for me but also your wallet.

Perhaps if the blog doesn’t make drivers aware, I’ll create an advert where a car is blocking a crossing and in a fit of rage, I ram into their shiny BMW at a massive 4mph. That would be brilliant shock tactics but I’ve sort of ruined the surprise element… DAMN!

Bye for now! 

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