Friday, 22 February 2013

It's just a joke...

Last night, Jimmy Carr was at the Alban Arena and I went for the third year running thanks to a birthday present from my brother. And it was, of course, quite brilliant. He is hilarious but what I like most is that every time I’ve seen him live, the show is different and he doesn’t repeat jokes. I know most comedians change their act as well but because he delivers short, sharp lines, I feel he deserves plaudits for coming up with equally funny but fresh material.

Everyone has different tastes so may not think Carr is a comic great in the way I do. But he made a point towards the end, which I completely agree with. It is perfectly fine to enjoy and laugh at near-knuckle comedians. Look at me, Wheelchair Boy yet I was in tears of laughter when he made a joke about wheelchair users. I wasn’t offended at all because 1) he weren’t vindictively having a go and 2) laughter brings the world together and if you can’t see the funny side, what is the point.

There are ‘comedians’ that do offend me; well I been have watching the news so I feel that there are perhaps more appropriate words to describe Jim Davidson… But seriously, I just find him to be malicious and believes every word he utters. I mean disabled people cannot sit at the front for his shows because they put him off. Shut up, the man is ginger (no offence). The same can be applied to racist comics who are not ‘just joking’, their stand up is pure opinion. They basically turn the gig into a BNP rally.

So, you may not like Jimmy Carr but please don’t come out with ‘he offends me’. Lighten up and sort your life out.

I’ve probably offended some with tonight’s blog but quite frankly, I couldn’t care.

Bye for now!

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