Tuesday, 19 February 2013


I have something to admit. I probably come across all preachy on here because I’m trying to educate people and show that I’m a normal person. But sometimes, I am equally ignorant when speaking to disabled people, especially those who are mentally affected.

The reason I’m saying this now is because there was a man sitting next to me at the game on Saturday who kept tapping me on my shoulder and pointing saying something. I was doing exactly what I hate people doing by responding with a patronising smile and nodding even though I didn’t understand. He could’ve been saying “you look like a right mug getting upset over football” and I just agreed.

Some may say he’s mental so didn’t realise Wheelchair Boy was being patronising.   Think about it differently. He’s a man trapped behind a mental handicap. What if he was thinking that as a fellow disabled person, I’d understand and treat him normally. It just makes me think of the Down’s Syndrome character of Becky on glee who has a posh voice. You don’t know what people are thinking regardless of disability/race/age/gender, which is an interesting thought.

Another thing that I done was stare at someone with a disability which irritates the hell out of me so I was annoyed. But, I couldn't take my eyes of the men because I find sign language so fascinating. Plus, I was trying to work out who were the deaf ones.  Yet, if a 19 year old boy was staring at me, I'd tell him in no uncertain ternms where to go...

We can all learn from this blog including me.

Bye for now!

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