Friday, 8 February 2013

They listened...

Back on the 12th August 2012, I put a post up titled ‘Tour de St. Albans’ criticising the speed restrictors that the council were installing on a pedestrian footpath in Verulamium Park. Tonight is a bit like Homes Under The Hammer (doesn't do much to dispel the unemployed stereotype) where they re-visit a few months later.  I also showed you the Herts Ad article about the issue but said that it was being overlooked.  This is still true as they have gone on to still put humps in the path but someone must’ve taken notice because they are definitely less aggressive.

It’s still not fantastic for neither my back nor my suspension and I can not understand the thought process that led to the ridiculous speed bumps.  But at least they tried to address the problem by filling a few holes with concrete.  Although there wouldn’t have been a problem if they hadn’t come up with this silly plan, the humps are much more smoother for all than the one’s back in August.

The moral of this story is don’t mess with ‘Wheelchair Boy’. He does what he wants and authority figures like the council know that. Everything in life comes with a battle and I’m ‘ard enough for the challenge.

Bye for now!

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