Monday, 11 February 2013

A distinct lack of sun...

It’s snowing. Great observation I know. But it’s got me fantasising (calm down, not in a sexual way) about how I need some sun. Scrap that, I just need to go abroad!  Anywhere. It’s been way too long. I can’t remember the last time I left these coasts. 2007 I think. A school trip to Germany. I could still walk, just. Don’t get me wrong, I love Britain (without sounding like a BNP member) but I need new scenery and I enjoy exploring. Who knows, I could find a girl on my travels. I’ve heard they love the accent.

Holidays mean money but I’d save up, if I knew I could go away. However, as soon as you mention wheelchair, the price goes up and my dream is ruined. Accessible rooms with a wheel-in shower are ridiculously priced compared to a normal room, which seems unfair. Not my fault I can’t get in a bath. Then, there’s transport. When I went to Paris years ago, I was only in the wheelchair part-time which was fortunate because the Metro was awful for access. Last but not least, who’s going to assist me? I’m way too old to keep going away with my parents (although I love them, they understand).

That is just a few reasons why I’ve been stuck on this island. And I doubt that fact will change anytime soon. When I’m at football, opposition fans taunt me with chants of ‘6 years and you’ve been nowhere’

I’m not a celebrity but… GET ME OUT OF HERE!

Bye for now!

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