Monday, 10 December 2012

One Alan Davies!

Like I said yesterday, the Arsenal game weren’t the most exciting so it was down to fellow Gooner Alan Davies to cheer me up and make my weekend. I bought these tickets months ago. When I heard he was going on tour and stopping off at my local, I was straight up the Alban Arena to book my place. Now, you might think that my (not so) little brother and I are not really in his demographic. This is true, we did stick out like sore thumbs, but his weekly Arsenal podcast The Tuesday Club is hysterical and we’re huge fans. Also, I love QI so wanted to see him live.

It was worth the wait. You can tell when I really find something funny because I do a dolphin/seal noise and I done it a few times, to my brother’s disgust. It weren’t a traditional comedy gig, it was more him telling stories about his life, past and present. My favourite part of stand-up is when the comedian interacts with the crowd because the random, off the cuff nature always results in hilarity. However, I didn’t put my hand up and admit that I’m a student. Particularly as I’m studying Journalism, I knew I’d end up the butt of all jokes so I kept my nut down.

After the show, we got in the queue to meet him and get a programme signed. It’s something I need to work on for my career but when I meet famous people, I get star struck and talk utter rubbish. I’m a proper fan boy. I got to the front of the queue; pointed at my Arsenal shirt and said “better result today” How special needs was that? Not even “Hi, did you go to the match?” Then, I made myself look like an even bigger tool by saying “Nice podcast. Keep it up”. Finally, I went “brilliant show”. I panic around celebrities (or girls for that matter) and say things that make me look simple.

I come away feeling like an idiot but it gives me something to look back on and laugh at. It was a great night and I encourage anyone who missed him in St. Albans to go to his London show in February.

Bye for now!

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