Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A little bit over the top...

I am sorry for yet another football related blog post but I think the evil and sadistic ones among you may enjoy hearing about my reaction to Arsenal going out of the Capital One Cup.

I had a feeling everything was going to go wrong all day but my mate reassured me Arsenal would thrash the league 2 side. I strongly disagreed. He wondered why I was getting agitated when we had not scored in the first 10 minutes. Then, I was proved right and Bradford scored. And it remained 1-0 until two minutes from time, Vermaelen popped up to rescue us. As Bradford were visibly tiring, I thought we’d steal the victory in extra time. Although we were awful again and it would’ve been daylight robbery, I somehow figure it was possible. I was so wrong.

Penalties is mainly luck but also about bottle, which Arsenal clearly lack that apart from Wilshere and Oxlade-Chamberlain (no coincidence that they’re both English). Right, picture this. Hands covering my eyes as I can barely bring myself to watch. Bradford score 2. Arsenal miss 2. I let out a shriek of pain before sinking back in my chair. “Arsene, you’re going to get the tin tack”. I was so distraught that I was turning into a cockney. Szczesny saves 2 and Arsenal score 2. I let out a little smile. Another reprieve? Surely, our captain will tuck this away to make it 3-3. NO. We were out.

I didn’t make a sound this time. My face just dropped and I entered a new level of depression. I was just staring into space and the world stopped around me. My friends were speaking to me but I physically couldn’t open my mouth. My eyes were filling with water and I wanted to sob but had to hold it back to avoid embarrassment. You may think I was melodramatic and I should be used to it by now but the thing is, now I’ve got no hope to cling onto. Normally, the wheels come off in March but in December. It’s tragic. I haven’t got anything to look forward to.

Roll on next season and I dare say it but without Wenger.

Bye for now!

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