Sunday, 9 December 2012

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I know that as a journalist, I should be coming up with eye-catching headlines but I’m not sure what to call this post. It’s not about one subject. I just thought I’d share what I’ve been up to this weekend in case anyone is interested.

After coming home from Uni, I was off to the Emirates with my mum for the annual Disabled Supporters Christmas Party. This year, they told us there would be a surprise and I had heard that the team would be there. But they weren’t. Instead, Aaron Ramsey came for 5 minutes, answered a few questions before rushing off to get on the team coach to the hotel. Nice of him to give up his time unlike our other over-paid players but his brief appearance did aggravate me. He may as well have not turned up for one. And, where was the rest of the team? I’ll tell you where, hiding like the cowards they are. They are an embarrassment so can’t look the supporters in the eyes. Another grievance I had was that Gazidas normally stands up and talks his normal rubbish but he must’ve known Wheelchair Boy was gunning for him as he was nowhere to be seen. Apparently he was there but didn’t come near me otherwise he would’ve felt my wrath.

Friday pretty much summed up the club at the moment. They are happy to take from the fans but daren’t give back.

I did manage to ask Ramsey a question about whether he gets annoyed playing out wide but of course he towed the party line saying that he favours a central role but will play anywhere for the boss. Predictable answer. But, what did I expect?

You may be thinking Arsenal won on Saturday so why the moaning. And yes, I was pleased with the result but the performance still ain’t there. Coming away from the ground, I weren’t buzzing at all. In fact, the Spurs game gave me more pleasure which is a sad state of affairs. Nonetheless, going into injury time 1-0 up and then losing 2-1 is comedy gold. That’s the good thing about football, however bad it gets or out of love you feel, something great happens to reignite your passion. Like Tottenham imploding or Stevie G scoring an own goal or Nasri sticking out his leg to lose his team the game. Love it!

I’ll tell you about last night when I saw Alan Davies doing stand-up in tomorrow’s blog but I’m off to bed.

Bye for now!

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