Friday, 21 December 2012

My parents...

You’ll be relieved to know tonight’s post is not about me for once but instead about my mum and dad. They deserve a mention because, although I don’t always show it, they are amazing parents and I am grateful for everything that they do for me. I wouldn’t be the person I am without they’re support and guidance. So, I wanted to tell you (now the world isn’t ending) about how they are raising money for charity and just thought I’d ask if you’d like to help them.

As of January 1st, Paul and Ellen will be taking part in the Biggest Loser to raise money for Iain Rennie Grove House hospice care. You probably think losing weight is easy and it is to some but they are always under stress, not least because they have Wheelchair Boy as a son. My belly shows that putting down that chocolate bar when life get’s you down is hard. But, I know that they will lose so much weight next year because the thought of letting down the hospice will give them that added incentive.

Please spare whatever you can, I understand money is tight but if a student can sponsor them both, you can. Plus, if you go to the shops between now and Xmas, you’ll see that it don’t look like a recession.


Thank you, would make my new year as well as theirs.

Bye for now!

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