Friday, 14 December 2012

What motivates me...

I was lying in my warm, comfortable bed this morning and I really did want to get up. I could hear the rain outside is so could not face going outside. It then got me thinking about what motivates me and why I’m not a lay about.

I did haul myself out of the covers this morning albeit because I had an exam that I could not miss and I'm going to end up with a stupendous amount of debt so I may as well get a degree at the end of my course. People often wonder what drives me on in life, especially in regards to education and working. The simple answer is that prejudice actually helps me and I'm glad it exists in a way.

I know that no one expects me to achieve big in life. You may say that you do not think this way is a lot may not consciously but, just as I have said previously about the phrase ‘Wheelchair Boy’, the thought exists within society. And it's true. Why should I bother? I have a rare disability so everything is much harder for me. I may as well conform to society's view and live off the welfare system for the rest of my life. However, everyone that knows me personally will be aware that I do not behave in that way.

It's because I am out to prove a point to the rest of the world that anything is possible (I realise that I sound like an Adidas advert). I want to show that I can become the successful editor I long to be. That is what brings me to life on a cold Wednesday morning after watching the Arsenal lose the night before. It sounds a bit cliché but I love the haters and people at secretly think I can't. I know that I can and will.

Another thing that motivates me on my long journey is the way in which the public view journalism, particularly at the moment. I want people to start trusting journalists again and not see them on the same level as bankers or politicians. I am determined to win back the respect that this industry deserves by giving my all.

Bye for now! 

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