Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Done and dusted...

Today, I finished off and submitted my essay that is due in tomorrow. It signals that I have completed my first Semester and now, I can finally reflect back on what has been an eventful (and long) term. I can also now relax sort of although I do have two essays to do over the break.

I have loved my University experience, most of it anyway. I did end up in hospital for a few days but that’s another matter. You could say I haven’t looked back although there were tears in the first week. But apart from these slight wobbles, I have really enjoyed myself. My confidence has come on leaps and bounds, I’ve met loads of great people and this whole journalism malarkey isn’t too bad either. In fact, it’s an amazing course. I’m so glad I screwed up my AS history exam.

Although I am not totally assertive, my change is really noticeable if you compared me before and after. Most of the time, this new found confidence helps me in life but sometimes I end up saying the wrong thing and making myself look like a fool. But, that’s another thing. I am less embarrassed. I know I’m in a wheelchair and have a dodgy voice that cuts out mid-sen…tence but I don’t care what others think. I went through school being so image conscious (didn’t have a headrest because I thought it made me look less disabled) which is ridiculous, I know. Now, I can just get on with life and don’t let things get me down (apart from Arsenal losing).

Like I said yesterday, journalism is about networking and I’ve been lucky enough to form relationships with some great people including my lecturers and guest speakers, who are just a plethora of wisdom and knowledge. Then there’s some great people in my class and last but not least, my flatmates who have had me crying with laughter. The random conversations are unbelievable. The only downside is the lack of girls.

So, there you have it. A brief summary of why I have loved these past few months.

Now I’m settled in, don’t be afraid to come and visit next years. I won’t bite.

Right, I’m off back to the greatest city of them all…St. Albans (no, that can’t be right)

“Driving Home For Christmas”

Bye for now!

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