Monday, 17 February 2014

Virtually Famous…

I went to watch another T.V. programme being recorded on Thursday, thanks to Applause Store ( I went to the aptly named Riverside Studios in Hammersmith to watch a pilot of a new comedy panel show hosted by the ‘Wheelchair Boy’ from Glee A.K.A Kevin McHale. That is the main reason I went and I thought he done a very good job considering his lack of presenting experience. However, I couldn’t get used to him walking around and found that visually quite weird. The programme itself mainly focused on Internet stars that have become Virtually Famous through YouTube or the like.

The two-team captains were Jessica Knappett (Neil’s girlfriend from the Inbetweeners Movie) and comedian James Acaster (let’s just say his upcoming rather than unknown). Alongside them were funny-men Tom ‘son of Jim’ Rosenthal and Romesh Ranganathan. Then, there was the absolutely gorgeous Frankie from the Saturday’s who didn’t do much but I don’t care. Lastly, some posh idiot from Made in Chelsea called Francis. No, I’d never heard of him either. Quite a mix of minor celebrities but I really enjoyed it and definitely think that it should be commissioned. I mean, I’ve seen so many unfunny shows and this wasn’t one of them.

Tonight, I am returning to the Riverside Studios to watch Celebrity Juice. I have wanted to go for ages but haven’t been lucky in my applications. I am so desperate to see the show that I had to endure an episode Fake Reaction at the back end of last year (I blogged about it) just to guarantee tickets for Keith Lemon and co. Also, I found out it’s an Ant & Dec special to be aired on Thursday evening so you’re all entitled to be green with envy. I better take my Sharpie pen.

Bye for now!

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