Monday, 10 February 2014


I love writing (apart from when I get writers block preventing me from thinking properly) and I love football (apart from miserable days like Saturday when Arsenal get beaten 5-1) so combining my two passions is pretty obvious. I used to write some football related posts on here until I got a few complaints and realised that the majority of people who read ‘The Adventures of Wheelchair Boy’ are probably not interested in the beautiful game. That’s why over the summer, I stared blogging for a couple of fan sites. However, they’ve unfortunately both closed so I’ve started my own one.

Yesterday, I launched a football blog called ATeamEffort ( As the title suggests, I want the site to be a collaboration of football writers with a wide range of views on various subjects. I don’t want it to be just posts by me about Arsenal because even I would find that boring. The first proper post was from a West Bromwich Albion supporter and I hope other fans will come forward because it’s quite interesting to get a different perspective on the game.

So, if you want to write about football or know anyone that would, please contact me on Twitter @goonerglen1 or e-mail I’m not asking for professional journalists. Just fans who have some burning opinions they want to get of their chest.

Bye for now!

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