Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Not saying it was perfect but it was really, really good…

I wanted to write a blog post about what a great time my cousin and I had seeing Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip last night at KOKO in Camden Town so I thought I’d play on a line from Stunner for the title. It’s a pretty fitting description as I had an enjoyable evening and for once, didn’t have anything to complain about. I’m not saying I moan a lot but a problem of some sort normally crops up when I go and watch live music. However, an angry letter is not needed this time (not that I get anywhere with them).

Upon arriving, the bouncers were very helpful and swiftly got the portable ramps out (Camden Palace is an old building so there are roughly 8 steps at the entrance). We were then escorted to a VIP area at the side, which was cordoned off by a black tape and Scroobius later pointed out where his mum was. Turns out she sitting quite near us. The venue staff obviously had experience with wheelchair customers before so got out a small podium with a ramp so I was slightly elevated and could see over the balcony.

From my royal box as I described it, I had a superb view of the stage and could watch the mosh pit, relieved that I was no where near the sweaty bodies who think getting beaten up to music is fun. Sorry but I just don’t get people. I know I sound like an old man but just enjoy the music. Taking drugs, moshing and getting absolutely wasted does not make the night infinitely better. It just means that you won’t remember anything and will wake up with loads of bruises. Rant over.

Anyway, back to the concert. When I have seen live music before, the sound quality has been quite dodgy and I’ve struggled to hear the lyrics. The reason Scroobius is my idol is because of the way he writes so being able to hear the rhymes was important to me. I wasn’t disappointed. All of the tracks sounded like a CD (eventhough he definitely wasn’t miming) and it wasn’t too loud, which is often what distorts songs. Dan and Pip were brilliant of course but the appearance of Billy Bragg was also exciting.

There’s already a video online (it’s amazing how quickly people upload content these days) if anyone is interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3UgjVYR_M8

Bye for now! 

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