Thursday, 20 February 2014


I wouldn’t say I’m obese. Just a tad overweight with a bit of a beer belly (although I don’t drink so it’s mainly cheeseburgers). I have no problem with that because my attitude to food is the same one that I use to tackle life. You only live once is the biggest cliché of them all but it’s my motto. If I want four donuts, which I did earlier incidentally, I’ll eat four donuts. Eating makes me happy and personally, that is all I selfishly want out of life. Having a family is an ambition of mine but that all can be linked back to this human search for ultimate happiness. What is life without enjoyment?

This post is about how other people think that if you’re not super skinny, it is so wrong and how although I have no problems eating what I want, society does. I think I may have mentioned this before but I still can’t believe how it has become the norm to point out someone’s weight and suggest that it’s an issue. Fair enough if you’re a doctor but I get every Tom, Dick or Harry telling me. An example to illustrate this happened today when a technician examined my faulty manual wheelchair and described me as “a big lad” with “quite a wide chest”. I bit my tongue and laughed but I should’ve said something.

I know I’m not slim or what would be labelled as “fit” but basically calling someone fat (he suggested) without provocation is rude and uncalled for. Rightly so, I would get a slap if I approached a woman and told her she was “a big girl” with “quite a wide chest” so why is it acceptable to direct that comment at me. Also, I’m happy to have a bit of meat on me as I’m a 20-year-old man. If I was all skin and bones I’d look like a boy, even with my facial hair. I remember being surrounded by scrawny boys at schools and thinking I prefer to have a bit of natural insulation.

Anyway, I’ve always been a big boy (calm down ladies) so I’m used to being judged. It’s just no wonder that I have body issues. 10 pounds 12 ounces when I was born. I can picture all mother’s reading this blog wincing right now and wanting to give my mum a pat on the back.

Bye for now!


  1. It isn't acceptable... but it does happen to girls too and from people who REALLY should know better! In my case total strangers have actually come to ask me if I use a wheelchair BECAUSE im too fat to walk... I mean, firstly, even if that was the case, what business is it of theirs... and secondly no.. im fat cos I eat food and do next to no exercise, and I do next to no exercise because I am disabled in such a way that means exercise isn't all that possible!

    Even if I explain this I get told if I lost weight then my disability might go away!

    Sorry Im ranting and this is your blog not mine - weight is one of those things people still think is acceptable to comment on, insult people over etc etc. Its one the last 'acceptable 'isms' where its commonly understood that being racist, sexist, everything-else-ist, isnt on.

    I hear tell its not much better for really thin people either though, ye cannae win!

  2. don't worry-feel free to rant. in fact, you could write a guest post if that ever tickled your fancy. I've had family members think if i lost weight, i would be able to walk :/ some people...

  3. I shall ponder a blog worthy topic and take you up on that offer at some point Glen, thanks :)