Tuesday, 11 February 2014

No conscience…

People I complain about on here who come across as rude or a bit patronising are not evil. Far from it. They are just ignorant and probably don’t have any first hand experience/knowledge of disability. While I’m on the subject, I believe people have become more educated of late. Ignorance still can be found in abundance but whereas it used to be the majority of society, I feel there is now a 50:50 split between people who treat ‘Wheelchair Boy’ normally and those who belittle me. That assessment could be wrong though. I may have just got used to being addressed as a moron.

Anyway, my main point is that patronising people are not maliciously trying to upset me. They don’t know different so can be forgiven. However, criminals exist who have absolutely no morals and don’t care if their next victim is disabled. I was watching a recent Channel 4 documentary on pickpockets’ (I recommend watching because it tells you what tricks to look out for) and they showed thieves stealing from a deaf, elderly man. Mugging is wrong in all cases but it seems infinitely worse to me if the victim is disabled. It just goes to show that some people do not have a sense of guilt.

I’m not saying that all disabled people should be protected by some kind of universal unwritten law and stealing is a horrific crime whatever the circumstances but taking from a disabled person is that extra bit disgusting. It’s a bit like kicking someone when there down. Just not on. Most of you are probably wondering how this relates to ‘Wheelchair Boy’. Well, back in September, I suffered at the hands of an online fraudster.

Basically, I had got tickets for Swansea away. My parents would drive my brother and I to south Wales, we’d all stay in a hotel overnight and then go to the stadium. My parents would have to watch in a pub. That’s what they normally do in away games but this time, I thought I’d try to get them tickets as well. Stupidly, I started talking to a random bloke on Twitter who apparently had three tickets. For some reason, I decided to rush in and buy them all. To top it all off, I bought his sob story about why I shouldn’t trust PayPal and paid via bank transfer.

The person (I don’t know what gender because the account was fake) knew I was in wheelchair yet still went through with it. I find that part of the story is particularly sick and immoral! The police are investigating but I doubt they’ll recover my money. The scam was as clear as the Nigerian bank ones but I fell for it. I thought I had brains but obviously not. It was a costly mistake but one that I’ll definitely learn from.

I decided not to blog about what happened at the time because I was embarrassed and felt like an idiot. I thought it would be a good example of someone with no conscience so I thought I’d include it tonight.

Bye for now!

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