Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Celebrity Juice…

I enjoyed Virtually Famous on Thursday evening (as I blogged about yesterday) but last night’s recording of Celebrity Juice certainly blew that out of the water. It is nigh on impossible to get tickets to the popular panel show and you can see why. Hilarious is an understatement. The show was so funny and off the cuff that everyone on set was in fits of laughter; something I have never seen before. Ant & Dec were the main guests with the programme dedicated to the Geordie duo and basically promoting the imminent return of Saturday Night Takeaway this weekend.

The two other guests were comedian Rob Beckett and singer Ashley Roberts. The former member of the Pussycat Dolls was looking beautiful, as she always does and looked good alongside the equally gorgeous Holly Willoughby. Keith Lemon has a long running joke about Fearne Cotton being a bloke but she is very pretty in the flesh as well. It was a stellar line-up brought together by the extremely clever Leigh Francis.

I met Dec before the recording…Top bloke!

If anyone doesn’t know, Keith Lemon is not real (I feel like I’m revealing that Santa is not real to a child).  He is merely an alias dreamt up and performed by jack-of-all-trades Leigh Francis. What I was impressed by is that he didn’t break character once from the minute he stepped in the studio and shook my hand. Whenever the cameras would stop rolling so to speak, he would continue cracking crude jokes, which meant we saw a lot of bonus material, that everyone at home will not see. The recording began at 19.30 and didn’t finish until 22.30 but the time flew by.

The question on everyone’s lips is will ‘Wheelchair Boy’ be on the T.V. I severely doubt it but you should all still watch the episode being aired on ITV2 at 10pm on Thursday (just awaiting my cheque in the post for the two plugs I have given during this post).

Bye for now!


  1. Where was Ant when all this happened? :D

  2. He came through the door just before but didn't see me so walked on by.