Monday, 24 February 2014

More taxi problems…

Not for the first time, it has become evident to me that taxis and disabled people do not go together. New readers should take a look at my previous post on the subject from last February: before I explain my latest grumble.

This time, my problems have come with cabs in the area I live. Basically, I went to the rank one night because the Batchwood Bus isn’t accessible and I wanted to go clubbing. The marshal stopped the first taxi and asked the driver to get the ramps out. He clearly couldn’t be bothered so refused to take me. Out of order. Anyway, a second taxi was happy to take us but I realised why this driver was eager to put me in. The meter was already on when he was loading me, which is just pure discrimination. It’s not my fault a wheelchair takes a couple of minutes to get in where as a normal customer takes 5 seconds or so.

I attended the first St. Albans District Access Group meeting of 2014 this morning and issues regarding taxis topped the agenda, with the councillor in charge of licensing to field questions from ‘Wheelchair Boy’ and co. She gave a typical politicians answer, repeating points I’d make but re-wording it to try and appease me. I admit I made the mistake of not taking down a number so there is nothing that can be done on my issues, but regular readers will be aware that I’m not quietened easily.

Bye for now!

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