Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Beard today, gone tomorrow…

So, I’ve been growing a little bit of facial hair since the turn of year. It started off with me wanting to be fashionable and have a little bit of designer stubble but then it became a tad messy/overgrown. I was enjoying the fact that more people saw me as an adult and the beard acted as a natural proof of age. However, it was almost two months since my last shave and I was getting quite bored of the ‘hobo’ look. My face was getting to the stage where it was looking creepy rather than sophisticated, which was the original plan. The bum fluff had to go.

This afternoon, I was looking like this: 

I was quite nervous that removing that much hair would be painful but luckily, it wasn’t. The electric shaver was a bit uncomfortable but it didn’t hurt. This was then followed by a wet shave meaning I now look like this: 

The baby face has returned and I’ll probably get ID’d more often but it feels so nice. Although I was growing accustomed to the beard, my face feels much more lighter and fresh. The only problem is that I might get spots now that there is no facial hair to protect my skin.

Don’t worry beard lovers, the facial hair may be back in the future. I just fancied a change and I weren’t getting much positive feedback from women. They’re opinions are the only ones I value.

Bye for now!

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