Monday, 5 August 2013

Too early…

It’s 09.00 as I begin writing this blog. Now that is not early for most people who work but for me, it’s an absurd time.  Especially as I had to wake at 07.30 to leave the house at 08.30 (I spend an obsessive amount of time in the shower). Those who know me will be slightly concerned as ordinarily, 10.00 is the earliest time I rise from my pit. However, I had a NHS wheelchair to collect from Harperbury at 09.00 this morning. Or did I? Just as I was about to jump (I use that term loosely) into my Kia Venga, the house phone rang to inform us that the appointment had been cancelled.

The physio was ill. Fair enough. No one can predict the future but surely they had cover. In fact, I know full well that there are other people who could’ve seen me. I realise they already have a packed schedule but maybe if our health service was less focussed on bureaucracy and patient care was given more importance, such an inconvenience would never have occurred. Alas, that is the state of the NHS at the moment. Not a shred of care was given to the fact that I took time and effort to get ready. Nor that I had to cancel my carers coming in at 10.30, only to find out that I needn’t have.

The other pain is that I haven’t got my new wheelchair yet. It’s been exactly 2 months since this lightweight chair was ordered so it’s taken a long time, I definitely need it ASAP because everything about my current wheelchair is a joke. The actual chassis is bent from the “speed bump accident”, the wheels don’t spin properly, it’s heavy so difficult to self-propel and the back is broken. Oh yeah, plus the brakes are awful because some clever technician thought hitting it would be a good idea. Roll on a new one (no pun intended) so I can get back to training Rocky style for the London Marathon.

The one positive to come out of this whole episode is that I am up and have the day ahead of me to crack on with some writing (although I’m knackered already). The appointment has been rearranged for Thursday afternoon so luckily; it means I don’t have to get up early again. I’ll probably write the post for then today so I don’t run out of time (like I do every Thursday it seems).

Bye for now!

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