Wednesday, 7 August 2013

I don’t do plans…

Although I do sometimes sit and contemplate the future, I don’t really like to plan too far in advance because life is full of surprises and things can change in an instance. It may be an overused phrase but I tend to live each day as if it’s my last. That doesn’t mean I go looting or break the law (like a scene from an apocalyptic film). Basically, I just take days as they come. It’s a simple philosophy and perhaps if everyone followed it, there would be less stress in the world.

Of course, you can’t go through life without thinking ahead or you’ll end up in trouble. For example, you have to budget money so that you don’t blow it all on pay day and have money for food/bills/petrol etc. However, all I’m saying is there’s no point in worrying about the future (‘Que Sera, Sera’ and all that jazz). No can one can accurately predict how life will pan out so an unexpected event could take place, either good or bad. Mapping out your life is a waste of time because what lies ahead is unknown. Focusing on the here and now is the most important.

My post from yesterday shows that I do have wishes for the future like getting my own place and that is only natural. As I said, not thinking about the next move in life would be ridiculous, as it would result in having no clear direction. I just feel that is where people should stop. Booking up a date for a hospital appointment or even a wedding a long time before is necessary but planning everything that happens in your life shouldn’t be done. It’s basically wishing life away, which isn’t a sensible idea.

I used to plan ahead (in my mind anyway) but I’ve realised that caused unwanted stress and time to fly by.  For example, I looked forward to becoming 18 and spent a lot of my teenage years imagining what it would feel like to reach that momentous age. The big day came with the most memorable part being falling over in a nightclub toilet.  Guess what? Becoming an ‘adult’ wasn’t that great as I felt no different. In essence, my point is that life should be lived in the now and less fuss should be made of the future.

Bye for now!

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