Thursday, 29 August 2013

Online dating…

As you all may remember, back in February (not long after Valentine’s Day) I decided to try my hand at finding love online. I hadn’t been lucky in real life so anything was worth a try. I signed up to for a 6-month subscription but reflecting back on it, I should’ve just thrown my money straight down the drain. After a week, I knew it was a waste of time because of the countless messages I’d sent with no replies. However, I kept convincing myself to remain patient and my match would appear soon. It didn’t. Half a year has passed, I’m still single and I haven’t renewed my membership.

The whole online dating experience wasn’t completely regrettable. It did result in my first ever date which felt like a personal milestone for me. Now, I won’t go into details in case she reads this post but it’s safe to say that she wasn’t the one. Nothing may have come of it but I’m glad I met up with her because it gave me a confidence boost and means I’m prepared for more dates in the future. I’ll just have to go back to the drawing board when it comes to finding single girls.

People have told me about a recent Panorama documentary explaining how the companies who run these dating websites set up fake profiles and the like to make the user seem popular. I just thought I’d say that since cancelling my subscription last week, I’ve had loads of ‘interest’. So, I’ve gone from getting no messages to being inundated with women. Either it’s a ploy to get me signed up again or ‘Wheelchair Boy’ has suddenly become hot in the past week.  I wish it was the latter reason but we all know the first one is more likely.

Once again, here is a post with predictions for the Premier League matches that take place this weekend:

Bye for now!

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