Monday, 26 August 2013


Literally translates into ‘fear of telephone’, which is pretty obvious just by breaking down the word. Anyway, it is something that I suffer from. It’s so bad that although I’m always crying on about how I’m an adult and should have independence, I always ask other people to make phone calls on my behalf. For example, this morning I got my sister to ring Alton Towers and book some tickets (I’m going in two weeks). I’ve been meaning to call for days but I’ve been putting it off because of being scared. Ridiculous I know.

So, what am I afraid of? Well, I’ve said before that confidence is sometimes an issue in my life. However, I’m getting better with that in face-to-face conversation. The problem I have when using a phone is the fact that we cannot see each other. Most people (who have common sense) will hear my slurred speech, see that I’m in a wheelchair and realise I’m disabled. My concern is that the person at the end of the line will think I’m drunk or doing a prank call. It may sound silly but my voice sounds odd if you’re not aware that I have a condition.

This is quite embarrassing but I get butterflies the night before I have to call someone, even if it’s a simply to book an appointment (I realise I’ve said this before but that’s how much it affects me). Even when my mobile rings, I panic and get nervous (unless it’s a good friend or family member). That’s why I prefer to text/speak on the computer. It may seem unsociable but I think you get the real me and not Mr. Shy guy. I joined online dating because being a bundle of nerves when approaching a girl is not a good look and getting acquainted first might help to avoid an awkward first meet but 6 months later, that plan didn’t work.

Right, I’m off to make a few phone calls. First up is Arsène Wenger. I’m going to tell him to (pardon my French) passer un peu FUCKING de fric. Oops…

Bye for now!

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