Monday, 12 August 2013

33, 885 and counting…

Like Take That, I have two sets of fans. People who have been with me on this blogging journey since the beginning (over a year ago) and those who have only discovered my work recently but now read my posts on a regular basis. I am thankful to all my loyal followers (Glenda's ) but I want to ask a small favour. Basically, as the title suggests, the blog has got 33,885 views so far. That is amazing considering I’m just a lone writer doing it on my own without any financial or celebrity backing and I’m very grateful to everyone who has read.  However, I want more and need the help of existing readers to increase the audience.

When speaking about ‘The Adventures of Wheelchair Boy’, the majority of people appreciate the engaging writing style I use when discussing a variety of subjects. Recently, I’ve be questioning whether people are just being polite because 100 views a day (that has gone down from 200) does not reflect the high praise. Yes, it’s a decent amount but I write in the hope of educating and making people think. Addressing the same people every day is all well and good but does little to increase the awareness that society has of disability.

So, here’s where you come in. I want to try and promote the blog a bit more (I’m not sure how yet) and the most obvious tool is social networking. I know that people probably will ignore this request but if you are reading this link on Facebook, please click the share button or if you’ve seen this post on twitter, please retweet/favourite. It’s so easy. Typing a shout out can be a bit of a pain and time consuming but one click is all it takes to spread the word.

Hopefully, I’ll get an increase in followers over night ready for my post tomorrow. (By the way, I've uploaded my first blog on Fans Viewpoint:

Bye for now!

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