Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Searching for a place…

Some people can live at home with their parents without a problem but I just can’t. I want a bit of privacy and (although I’d need carers), being entirely independent from my family is something that I crave. Not in a nasty way because I love them all of course. However, I feel having my own space and not being in each other’s pockets would actually benefit the relationship I have with my parents as well as my siblings. This won’t come as a shock to anyone at home because lately, I’ve become agitated at the slightest thing. I am just desperate for my own place.

Having a disability has meant that I have always felt like a child. Whether that is because of the way some people speak to me or the fact I’ve always been dependent on others for help, I don’t feel like an adult. Take today as an example.  I was over the park earlier and a boy was blocking the path. His mum said “mind out and let the man pass”. Pathetic but I was quite happy as people often think of me as a ‘Wheelchair Boy’ and if they do refer to me as a “young man”, it’s often tongue in cheek. I think moving out would make me feel more grown up.

Like booking a holiday, securing a flat/bungalow that fits my needs is rather difficult. Not impossible. I mean, if I became rich through my writing, there would be no problem because the costs to buy are ridiculous. It would be much simpler to purchase a place outright rather than rent and then have it adapted. The plan at the moment is to find a ground floor apartment with a landlord who doesn’t mind alterations being made, namely a wet room being installed. No surprises that this is proving tricky.

So, if any landlords are out there who own a place on the ground floor, please help me because I’m getting fed up at home. Like I said, nothing against my family but I want to stretch out and become my own person. Before people suggest council housing, it’s a waste of time bidding as they’ve put me in band D (the same level as my sister who is working). 

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