Thursday, 8 August 2013

Bit on the side...

On Sunday night, I decided to become one of 13 star bloggers on, a new football site written by supporters of various football clubs up and down the country. I have been asked before by other football pages to write but the time hasn’t been right for one reason or another. With the new season fast approaching, I thought it would be best to air my football related opinions on a separate platform. I know I can get irate and putting my frustrations down in writing after a match might calm me down.

Don’t worry ‘The Adventures of Wheelchair Boy’ will still get my full attention because I know not all my readers are interested in football. Just thought I’d flag up the site and see if anyone wanted to read my debut post: If you like, please do come to read my thoughts on the beautiful game (I’ll do one a week at the very least).

I’ll still mention Arsenal here so sorry but there’s no getting away from that. They will always be the love of my life and an integral part of me, more so than the fact I need a wheelchair. Actually, I don’t know why I’m apologising. The old song goes “Good Old Arsenal! We’re proud to say that name” and I just pity any non-gooners.

Bye for now!

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