Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Unless you’ve been trapped in a room for years (apologies if you’re reading this from Ohio), you’ll be aware that the world has been suffering from an economic meltdown. Although Britain has not gone totally bankrupt like other EU countries (don’t get me started on that particular subject), solving the problem of the huge deficit has become the main aim of the government. The best way to sort out debt is constantly debated in politics but there is no clear answer. One thing is for the certain, the ruling party (the Conservatives with a tiny bit of Liberal Democrat help) have decided to go down the spend less and tighten purse strings route.

Fair enough. It’s a good idea… in principle! Just don’t be attacking the worst off in society. I fully understand that we cannot spend above and beyond our means but don’t go wasting money. Cuts to benefits/NHS/social care etc. wouldn’t be needed if funds weren’t allocated frivolously. Bringing it to a local level and sorry for repeating a point but no one seems to listen about the ridiculous speed humps. Why waste millions on ripping up a pedestrian path to put in ‘speed restrictors’ when our hospital is in dire need of money?

The other point is that most of the cuts are hitting the people in our country who simply cannot fight back, the sick and disabled. If I speak out, those in charge dismiss me, whether that is for the simple reason that my voice isn’t 100% clear or because I am a wheelchair user. Yes, I am writing this blog trying to challenge the harsh cuts but how many people will actually read this and take heed? Not many at all. The only way real change will happen is if people start to get together. Not a single post typed in his room by a lone ‘Wheelchair Boy’.

Fortunately, the United Kingdom is a democracy so disabled people can be heard one day but only if other people help by signing a petition. More information can be found at but basically, the movement focuses on how the coalition have begun and are continuing to implement a ‘War On Welfare’ (WOW). There have been 39, 601 signatures so far but obviously, further support and exposure would be appreciated. Here’s the direct link to sign:

I would say that in the governments defence, they haven’t just been cutting. One example of them adding is the Bedroom Tax.  They’ve been kind enough to heap on the misery to a disabled person who will be financially penalised if they require an extra room for a carer. Great job.

If you are a politician who doesn’t understand because they don’t live in the real world, I was being sarcastic at the end. None of the endless damage you are inflicting upon our great country is a great job.

Bye for now!

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