Thursday, 16 May 2013

Told you so…

You may remember that back in August, my brother contacted the Herts Ad about the speed humps that the council were installing in my local park. Although they were not finished, he could see the potential danger for wheelchair users. As expected, the council did not pay a blind bit of notice and continued with their plans. My brother even said last month that going to the paper made us look like chumps because nothing came of it. However, our nightmare became a reality a couple of weeks ago, proving our point perfectly.

This isn’t recent news but I was waiting for the Herts Ad to break the story until I shared it on the blog. Basically, I was coming back home from town up the causeway in my manual wheelchair. As you know, I want to build up my upper strength so I decided to push myself as a bit of a challenge. That was fine until I reached the first set of ‘waves’ and tipped straight back in my chair (the tipper wheels couldn’t stop me). Luckily, I didn’t sustain any injury but I don’t know how. I so could’ve cracked my head open or broke my steel rod (again).

That’s not where the story ends though. Picture this. Me on the floor with my legs in the air while my carer was panicking as to how he would lift me up. Meanwhile, two people just walked by without batting an eyelid. Then, a man at the top of the causeway waved and then started running to help us. He helped to sit me on the pavement before lifting me up with my carer and sitting me down in the wheelchair. The anonymous stranger then shook our hands before heading off down to the park. In the article, I labelled him as ‘A Good Samaritan’ because it was like a superhero rescue where two people had  already passed and ignored our plight.

I doubt he’ll read this but thank you, it was a very selfless thing to do and hopefully acts as an example to everyone.

Bye for now!

Here is the article with a hideous picture that explains exactly why I'm single.

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