Monday, 27 May 2013

Keeping clean…

This may come as a surprise because I’m a young male but a large part of my personality is that I’m a bit of a clean freak. It’s not that I’m afraid of germs so have to carry round a duster and sanitiser like a mental person but instead I cannot live if my body is dirty in anyway. For example, I can’t just roll out of bed, go to the gym and then have a shower. I need to have one before and after, even if there is only a couple of hours between them. I admit it’s odd. I even have to pop in the shower on Christmas morning even though my family stay at home and we have no visitors.

Pride has a lot to do with it. I can’t really be myself until I’m clean. Suppose you could say I’m not awake until that hot water touches my skin. Plus, I am physically repulsed by bad smells because I have a sensitive nose (seems like the only part of my body Ataxia hasn’t got the better of). How can a woman be attracted if I don’t like my own aroma?

I was going to blog about this subject last week but I forgot amid the excitement (and fury) surrounding the Craig David concert. However, I went to see Muse at the Emirates Stadium (only I would book to see a band I don’t like just because Dizzee Rascal was supporting) and when I got a smell of B.O. from the mass of alternative people, it brought back my anger. Fine. You like to dress ‘different to the norm’ and love head banging or playing air guitar but answer me this, is washing too mainstream? At least carry around a small bottle of Lynx in case you begin sweating.

Please. It stinks in nightclubs… and not in a good way. It’s OK for everyone else but I’m at armpit level and smell it all. So remember ‘Wheelchair Boy’ and have a wash or carry deodorant with you. It’s more important than having your mobile phone. Not just for me but have some dignity and self-respect. Nothing worse than having people talk about you.

Keep calm and stay clean.

Bye for now!

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