Monday, 20 May 2013


I’ve just got home from Newcastle following a quite brilliant weekend. It wasn’t a stag night although I wouldn’t mind going up with a few lads because as Geordie Shore suggests, it is a bit of a lively place to say the least. Apart from the women, there is one thing that would entice me up there and that is the mighty Arsenal. For those who don’t follow football, it wasn’t just any old game that made me decide to take a 500+ mile round trip. It was a massive match with a lot riding on it. A win would see us qualify to play European football for a record 16th consecutive year and put our deadly rivals Tottenham back in their place yet again.

As you can probably tell from the fact I’m writing a post and not in bed depressed, we won. I was a tad nervous before the match but I should’ve known. It happens every single year. Spurs fans celebrate way too early but ultimately realise its pure delusion and fail come May. Being 7 points behind in March meant that our celebrations were even more wilder at full-time. A red flare was let off during the jubilations. I was so happy to be part of it and glad I went, Eventhough it was on the seventh floor, I really enjoyed the view and will definitely try and go again next year.

We didn’t win the league or a cup but the euphoric feeling of winning a mini competition against Spurs has reminded me what success is and why I love football so. I now have the feeling that we will go from strength to strength now and get back to winning silverware. Just a pity that it was the end of the season yesterday so no more Arsenal until August. The weather gets good but summer is the worst time of the year for me.

I’m busy again tomorrow so won’t be able to blog again before Wednesday. I’m going down to Southampton to see Craig David in concert. Bit of a blast from the past but I loved him as a kid so can’t wait for more nostalgia, my favourite word at the moment.

Bye for now!

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