Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Still a boy…

Sex is a bit of a taboo subject but one I quite enjoy discussing. Like disability, people don’t like to talk about it so combing the two made for an interesting documentary. ‘Sex on Wheels’ was on Channel 4 last Thursday evening  (here’s a link if you missed it: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/sex-on-wheels/4od) and I finally got around to watching it last night, which has prompted this post.

When it comes to sex, people won’t be surprised to find out that I have zero experience. I know able-bodied people around my age who are virgins but like my friend kindly pointed out, they probably choose to abstain rather than trying but not getting any. My frustration is often apparent (isn’t it Twitter followers) and I do get a lot of “it will happen one day” but as I get older, I am getting a little impatient.

One solution, as shown in the programme, is to hire an escort but I simply couldn’t do that. Not on moral grounds because I’m pretty liberal but it would feel too formal. Same with disabled friendly brothels. Brilliant idea but again, not for me. Having a ‘sex therapist’ gives a medical feel and suggests losing your virginity is a regimented job. However, I can’t be ruling it out,. Not the way my life is panning out. The other option is to become a pornstar so I can have regular sex.

The majority of ‘normal’ people probably think that disabled people just don’t have sex but this simply isn’t true. Apart from being a  ‘Wheelchair Boy’, I’m just like most young people, high on hormones and craving sex. And most get it. Did you know that out of 10 Million disabled people in the UK, 85% have had sex? When I heard this fact on the show, it made me slightly embarrassed but also gave me hope. I might become a man eventually (but for the purposes of this blog, I shall remain a boy forever).

I have been pretty open and although at some points it might have been too much information, I think me being honest in regards to my personal life shows that I am comfortable speaking about almost anything on this blog.

Bye for now!

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