Thursday, 9 May 2013

A trip down memory lane…

On Tuesday night, Arsenal Ladies played their first league match of the season at the Emirates. It sounds odd seems as the men’s season is coming to a close but the FAWSL should keep me entertained throughout the Summer (particularly June which is the most boring month of the year), Anyway, I’m not going to talk about the match as we lost 4-0 to Liverpool Ladies. Although it sounds like a whitewash, the team were quite unlucky (although you probably won’t believe me). It wasn’t a wasted journey up to North London though.

The sun was out and it was the definition of a gorgeous evening. After having a pre-match meal and purchasing the tickets, there was still an hour until kick-off so to my sisters dismay, I thought we’d go and check out the original home of football. After a short stroll (my sister was pushing so was knackered but surprisingly I wasn’t) we arrived outside Arsenal station. I sat outside recalling buying sweets from the kiosk next-door and queuing up for a train home after the match. It may sound sad but then I realised that Highbury is my spiritual home. Outside the famous Marble Halls, I shut my eyes and saw a vivid image of my mum having a panic attack because of the crowds celebrating the Double in 2002with an open-top bus parade.

That is when I began to get emotional. Not only do I want them days back because we were the best team in England but life was better from a personal point of view. I was young without a worry in the world, quite popular and, most importantly, I could walk. Also, I hate the way football has gone. The Emirates is just too corporate and soulless. Even from the outside, Highbury just feels like this grand place, full of the history of my Arsenal. Aside from me getting upset at the state of the beautiful game, I was just enjoying the nostalgia and re-living going inside the West Stand.

I’m not sure if you are meant to but we went into Highbury Square and saw the gardens (where the pitch was). This allowed me to enjoy more memories of where I used to sit and watch goal after goal. As I was narrating my childhood experiences visiting the stadium to my sister, I fantasised that in years to come I might be able to tell my son/daughter about it. That’s hoping they like football but I’ll definitely try hard to make them little gooners.

Give me memories any day over being a Chelsea fan. I won’t be able to walk again and Highbury is now flats (which I’d love to live in) but hopefully the memory of wining the league will become a reality again.

B`ye for now!

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