Monday, 13 May 2013

Money makes the world go round…

Everyone knows that if you haven’t got money, you cannot live. However, just having the bare amount to get by is not enough. I may sound like a spoilt western child who doesn’t realise there are millions of starving people with nothing whatsoever but society has made me like this. The world is instant so I just want a new, adapted car without worrying about finance. I’d just like to click my fingers and be moving into my own place (in Highbury). That’s a fantasy though but we all need dreams.

Only a minority of the population are rich and even fewer have got in that position through sheer luck so the obvious question is why. It doesn’t seem fair that Joey Essex for example became rich and famous for just being a moron. I know people say hard work will bring success but I disagree. Fortune plays a significant part in my opinion.

Firstly, ‘reality celebrities’ prove that becoming rich is luck. Also, there’s no motivation to work hard because someone could be trying to crack a profession for years and not make it but then someone comes out of nowhere to win Britain’s Got Talent. That’s why sometimes I think that working hard on scripts is pretty pointless because it is all luck whether a commissioner will say yes or no. Sweat will only get you so far.

Today’s blog could’ve been written by anyone because loads of people want to become rich. I’m just writing about this subject because lately, my whole life has been about money. I am naturally lazy but I know that I can’t just sit back and win the lottery one day because of my luck. I’ll just have to take the hard graft route to start me off in the hope that fortune will eventually favour me. I haven’t been too lucky so far what with the whole disability thing.

Bye for now!

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