Monday, 10 March 2014

Not happening…

There are three searches currently going on in my life but I’m having absolutely no luck with any of them. I only started looking for a holiday back in January but it’s nearly summer (the glorious weather over the weekend proved that) so time is running out. Typing in ‘accessible villa California’ throws up so many results that I just want to give up and accept that I’ll be having a staycationn in sunny England s. Maybe I’ve limited myself by deciding that I want to visit the West Coast of America. Perhaps, I’ll have to stick to getting a disabled friendly villa with a private pool in Europe. Tried and tested Spain anyone?

My second search is for a place I can move out to. This has been a hope of mine since I turned 18 and could legally live independently of my parents. However, that was put on the backburners as University would offer me a way out.It did and having a small room in student accommodation was probably the best part of my Brunel experience. But that particular adventure ended after a few months and I was soon back home. For the past year and a bit, I have been onto the council, housing associations, parliament and even private landlords but no one is interested in the slightest.

The quest for love is also on going and has been for most of my life. After years of trying, it’s still proving the most difficult search of them all. I’m still online dating (as that seems to be the way people meet nowadays) but I find it immensely frustrating. I start chatting to a girl then she disappears or we’re talking for ages and getting on but she doesn’t want to meet. It’s like don’t message me in the first place. I know that women think they’re letting you down gently but it has quite the opposite effect. I’d much rather be ignored so I know where I ‘stand’.

Unlike with the hand cycling, I’m not raising the white flag but I just thought I’d update you all on my various searches although one word would probably suffice. RUBBISH.

Bye for now!

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