Thursday, 6 March 2014

Can’t touch this…

Before I begin my post, a quick note. Readers who come back every day for their fix of ‘Wheelchair Boy’ would have been slightly concerned that I broke my New Year’s promise of a post a day. I’ve managed it for two and bit months but yesterday, realised that it’s practically impossible. Sometimes I’m busy and it would make my life easier if I skipped a post (I end up getting stressed otherwise). Also, my life is not always that interesting so a daily post is not warranted. I’ll blog most days but just a warning that the subjects I can write about run dry at times.

When it comes to changing mobile phones, there is little choice nowadays. Pretty much all-decent handsets are touchscreen. Not a problem to most but due to my shaky hands and lack of co-ordination, I find typing without physical buttons extremely difficult. It took a while but I now have no problems using with my iPad so it’s probably a case of getting accustomed to an on-screen keyboard. However, a tablet has a larger screen compared to a mobile so it’s no wonder I find typing on that much easier than a phone.

Obviously, there are plenty of mobiles with buttons on but none are as good as their touchscreen competitors. The main alternative for me back in 2012 was a Blackberry but I have realised they are awful and have many issues such as the fact it keeps freezing all the time. All of the other handsets with traditional keys are too basic for a young (and cool) man like me. Yes, I want a disabled friendly phone but I still want to take pictures, access the Internet and download apps such as Twitter and WhatsApp. Just like a normal 20 year old.

My mobile contract doesn’t come to an end in until August but I have already begun my hunt for a new handset. It might sound ages away but five months is actually not that long. I mean three months ago it was Christmas and look how quickly the time has flown by. Also, It seems like yesterday I excitedly posted about my brand new Bold 9900 but it was nearly two years ago. Before I know it, I’ll have to get a new phone and as choosing a product that suits me takes a lot of consideration, I thought I’d start looking now.

Bye for now!

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