Friday, 7 March 2014

Care Bill conference…

A few weeks ago, I received a letter inviting me to attend a conference in Hatfield regarding a new Care Bill that is currently going through Parliament. I’m not too sure why but I put my serious adult hat on and booked up a place for my carer & I. It seemed like a mistake this morning when I had to getup at 8.30 (early for me) but at the very least, it would give me a subject to blog about. The day was quite boring and therefore tiring but couple of interesting thoughts entered my head that I want to write about.

The main conclusion that I drew from listening to various keynote speakers today including Sebastian Habibi from the Department of Health was that this care bill is a complete waste of time. After hours of explanation, I still don’t understand what this piece of legislation will do. That’s not ‘Wheelchair Boy’ being slow. I just cannot see any noticeable changes and how my life will improve when the act is introduced in March 2015. In my opinion, the change in law is a way for the government to distract from the plethora of welfare cuts.

An issue that arose and I feel very passionate about is the mandatory contribution to care. As soon as disabled people turn 18, they are expected to pay towards carers. Fair enough if you’re wealthy and can afford it but the majority of disabled people do not have bundles of money. For example, I cannot work and have absolutely no money (except benefits which is a pittance compared to the average wage) but still have to contribute. I see that as discrimination because a normal person does not require support and have to pay an extra ‘tax’. It’s not as if I chose to have Friedreich’s Ataxia (FA).

I’ve got another early start tomorrow, but this time it’s for the Arsenal so hopefully will be worth it. Eventhough after our loss last Saturday, I did question why I get up relatively early just for a football match and travel to far-flung places such as Stoke. I know that it’s lunacy of the highest order but, just like FA, my loyalty to the Gunners is an affliction that I will suffer forever.

Bye for now!

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