Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Get real…

As you know, I enjoy writing about football and last month, I launched my own blog called ATeamEffort (http://ateameffort.wordpress.com). Not as many people as I would have liked are getting involved but it’s only early days so I might get more fans of the beautiful game who want to air their opinions in the future. At the moment, it’s just a West Brom fan and me who post. Not that our articles aren’t interesting but the content needs a bit of variation to attract more readers. Anyway, I‘m glad I set the site up because it has given me a platform to share my work and get my name out there.

So much so that I received a Tweet the other day from @Getrealfc asking me if I would like to blog for their site (http://www.getrealpremier.com). After a brief e-mail discussion, where I discovered that GetReal has a popular site dedicated to Hockey, I agreed to be a contributor.  I am quite excited to be chosen as they reach a lot more football fans than ATeamEffort does and they’re trying to expand even more as a brand. I might become a famous pundit and then people will have to start taking my madcap views on football seriously.

I will keep running ATeamEffort so again, anyone who wants to write for me should get in touch. I just thought I’d share the news and do a little bit of self-promotion while I’m at it (http://www.getrealpremier.com/author/glen-shorey/). Some posts will appear on both sites because I don’t have the time to be writing multiple entries. That way, it will also increase the reach because people will read the article on either blog.

Writing about football (I know that sounds boring to many) is one of the things that ‘Wheelchair Boy’ does during the day aside from writing this blog you are currently reading.

Bye for now!

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